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Research Proves Strategic Cheating overrides your body's starvation protection mechanism...

Cheat Your Way Thin™

Conquer the Fat Loss Code and CONTROL Your
Hormones (and Metabolism) Once and For All...

PHASE 1Rapid Fat Loss Primer

First and foremost, you’ll be happy to know that the entire program starts off with your first Cheat Day. Yes, on Day 1 of the Rapid Fat Loss Priming Phase you’ll be indulging in all your favorite foods.

I love you, too.

This actually has a specific purpose: to ensure that you start the diet both psychologically satisfied and with a hormonal environment primed to burn fat.

After the Cheat Day, it’s right down to business with a 19-day “primer” in which we’ll be utilizing carbohydrate manipulation to prepare your body for the strategic cheating lifestyle.

The function of this phase is to prime leptin (your body’s #1 fat burning hormone) receptors to be extremely “receptive” to the set-up and weekly Cheat Days that we will be utilizing in the diet’s main phase, The Core Phase.

The Priming Phase ends with another Cheat Day, then on to the Core Phase.

Typical weight loss during this initial 3 week phase is 7-16 pounds of PURE fat.

PHASE 2Core Metabolic Accelerator

The Core Phase is the main phase of the Cheat Your Way Thin lifestyle, in which we will begin implementing strategic weekly Cheat Days.

The length of this phase is dependant on your goals and how much weight you’d like to lose. Essentially, you’ll continue with the Core Phase until you reach your goal weight (then it’s on to the Maintenance Phase to maintain that progress!).

Also, you will have five different options to choose from when setting up the weekly format of this phase based on your individual preferences. So you’ll simply customize this phase based on your personal cheat food and carbohydrate tolerance.

For example, after a Saturday Cheat Day, your body will be extremely primed for fat loss. Because of this, we start the new week off with a few Low Carb days to fully take advantage of the fat burning potential of these days.

Then as your #1 fat burning hormone, leptin, and your metabolic rate start to drop off mid-week, we begin to reintroduce carbohydrates and manipulate insulin to counteract the drop in fat loss hormones and enzymes. Then, a few days later when leptin dips again, we transition to even HIGHER carb days, to keep your body happy and responding.

Finally, the week ends with a leptin-restoring Cheat Day and the cycle repeats.

You can expect to lose, at least, 1-2 lbs of pure fat per week after week during this phase. If things are not progressing as quickly (or if you know your body does not process higher carb intake well), you’ll have four other simple options to choose from so you NEVER get bored and you NEVER plateau.

Option 1: The 3-2-1 Approach

Option 2: The Double Triple Approach

Option 3: The Camel Hump Approach

Option 4: The Low Carb Approach

Truth is, you’ll likely progress with any of the five options, but you may find one fits in best with your personality, schedule, etc. And I’ll show you exactly which one YOU should be using based on your goals and lifestyle.

PHASE 3Maintenance

Once you’ve used the Priming and Core Phases to hit your goal weight, then it’s on to maintain all the wonderful progress you’ve made with the Maintenance Phase.

I call this phase the Cheat Your Way Thin “Lifestyle” as it’s all about transitioning into a way of eating that you will be able to continue with for months and years to come. There are only 2 basic nutritional guidelines for the Maintenance Phase. Best of all, YOU decide which days you want to Cheat!

And here’s the best part about this entire program: you are going to find that keeping the weight off is easy.

Seriously easy.

Why? Simply because Cheat Your Way Thin does something that no other calorie-restrictive diet does—it protects your metabolism over the entire course of the diet to ensure that lost weight STAYS lost.

Once you reach the maintenance phase it’s about three things: less structure, more flexibility, and more of your favorite foods!

The entire blueprint is laid out for you step-by-step inside the easy-to-use Cheat Your Way Thin Diet Manual:

Here Are The 7 Bonuses You'll Receive
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Exercise and Training ManualFree Bonus #1: Ultra-Easy Quick-Reference Cards

In the Cheat Your Way Thin program you will find that there are several different "types" of days.  With these Ultra-Easy Quick Reference Cards, you'll never be in doubt of what to eat on each day.  Complete with specific guidelines and food lists, these portable cards add yet another degree of ease to the daily flow and overall implementation of the program, for your success. Reference cards keep you confident to cheat properly.

Exercise and Training ManualFree Bonus #2: The CYWT Quick-Start Checklist

Alright, so you're just about ready to begin the program and you want to make sure you have everything lined up for success. Get excited by getting a quick and easy tutorial, from the heart of the CYWT program. From portion sizes, to how to properly cheat, it's all in here. I'm also providing you with a detailed step-by-step, itemized checklist to ensure you have everything in place leading up to your "official" first day. And just because you're amazing I've also included a secret BONUS that will accelerate your results, even faster. My gift to your NEW start.

Exercise and Training ManualFree Bonus #3: Lean Eating Restaurant Guide

Over 75 delicious restaurants are listed in this guide, to make eating on the go, simple. 100% mobile on your phone, iPad, Tablet, or you can print these out, for your convenience. Get ready to never guess what to eat out, ever again. Drive through, dine in, or walk up to the counter, and know exactly what to order to CYWT. Great foods, in this easy to follow guide, will set you up for fat loss success. Eat smart every time you leave the house, with this done-for-you restaurant guide.

Exercise and Training ManualFree Bonus #4: Follow Along Workbook & Success Journal

It's a proven fact that keeping a journal and logging your experience with any diet and/or exercise program increases success rates and overall results exponentially.  Literally everyone I know who has a made a dramatic change to their body has done this.  This workbook makes the whole "recording" process easy with both daily and weekly log sheets and questionnaires---
an invaluable tool when it comes to getting the most out of your program.

Exercise and Training ManualFree Bonus #5: Supplementation Guide

No more wondering what supplements to take, when to take them, or why. Although supplements are not mandatory with your CYWT program, they can give you a huge strategic advantage by speeding up your recovery, increasing your hormonal response….all while making life easier when you're "on the go". This easy to follow guide takes out all of the guesswork of getting faster results with proper supplementation. No hype. Just straight up facts on the best supplements to use for long term fat loss and health.

Exercise and Training ManualFree Bonus #6: Fast Start Exercise Guide

No matter if you're working out in a gym, or in the comfort of your own home, this Fast-Start Exercise Guide is for you. These workouts require only 12 minutes to complete, so you can quickly get it out of the way while doubling the results of the CYWT system. Best of all, you can customize them based on your current condition with beginner, intermediate and advanced options. All three phases - the Priming, Core, and Maintenance phase, are all covered with specific workouts designed for EACH day. There is even a special workout designed for the Day AFTER your Cheat Day. You get a full 8 weeks of training with me, one on one. It's time to lose some serious fat the Cheat Your Way Thin way. Let's go.


Exercise and Training ManualFree Bonus #7: Goal Achieving Mindset Solutions

Make no mistake, planning is absolutely essential to your success, and that's exactly why I took the time to create these powerful videos packed-out with practical, actionable strategies for your immediate use. By applying the easy-to-implement strategies I openly share in these videos, I will set you up to shatter ANY goal.  

Make no mistake, planning and the proper mindset are essential to your success. And these powerful videos are jam packed with practical, actionable strategies for your immediate use. By applying the easy-to-implement strategies I share inside these tell-all videos, you'll have the foundation you need to shatter ANY goal.

Nothing is left out: Mindset - Accountability - Deadlines - Rewards

#1: Your Mindset - Success is a Choice
#2: Accountability - The Missing Link to Your Success
#3: Deadlines - Achieve Your Goals with PRECISE Accuracy
#4: Rewards: Your Key to STAYING on Track

Using the practical tips in these videos will save you time, energy, frustration, and maximize your efforts.

Cheat Your Way Thin

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